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Monsterama and Spy Con on Discord

Monsterama has a Discord server, ‘Monsterama’, that allows Monsterama and Spy Con attendees to interact via text chat and voice chat. This is the main platform for viewing panels and performances. Monsterama will also have board games, tabletop roleplaying games, trivia and party games, television and film watch parties. Please check the programming schedule for further details. 

Using Discord

Discord is free to use.

  • Create a Discord account:

  • Get the free application or use Discord in a browser

  • Log in and click the + for Join server and enter Monsterama as the server

  • Follow this invite link: to be given access to the server and follow the instructions on screen to log in or create an account

For a more technical how-to on downloading the Discord app, creating an account, and joining servers, you may find it useful to check out Discord’s own Getting Started guide.

The following Discord chats will be available the entire Monsterama and Spy Con weekend. 
When you check out the programming guide, some panels will be available on Discord voice chat rooms. 

Our Convention Discord Server Summary

Monsterama Activities

#main-programming (Main Programming Track Panels)

#makers-track (Makers Track Panels)

#literary-comics-art-track (Literature, Comics, and Art Track Panels)

#media-track (Media Track Panels)

Spy Con

#spy-con-programming (All Spy Con Programming)

Convention Activities

#game-room (All Game Room activities unless otherwise noted)

#general-fan-tables (friends of Monsterama, other conventions, etc.)

#con-suite (Open chat)

Green Room (Presenters and Staff only)

#dealers-room (Vendors and Artists)

#screening-room (TV and Film Screening and Watch Parties)

Film Reels

Our Mission

This year's virtual event is a fundraiser for the Motion Picture & Television Fund. MPTF supports our entertainment community in living and aging well, with dignity and purpose, and in helping each other in times of need. If you love movies and the people who make them, please donate!

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